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Russell Grant – the Worlds most loved astrologer presents your
Daily, Weekly and Monthly horoscopes.

Aries: Mar 21 - Apr 20

Element: Fire
Birthstone: Bloodstone
Colour: Red

Birthdays of Famous Lesbians and Bi-women:
Rosie O’Donnell (21 March)
Sheryl Swoopes (25 March)
Conchita Martinez (16 April)
Dusty Springfield (16 April)

Daily Horoscope: The secret to your success is attending to small details. By getting every aspect of a project right, you'll impress a demanding employer. Don't be surprised if you're offered a job with their organisation. Although the prospect of working behind the scenes for a powerful person doesn't excite you, it should. By working alongside this superstar, you'll acquire valuable skills that will help you rise through the ranks. Treat this job as a learning opportunity. Not only will this position be instructive, but the environment will be pleasant, too.

Weekly Horoscope: Floating away to fantasy land will could cause you problems at work this week. Even if your work environment has become toxic, you must fulfil your responsibilities. If you neglect obligations, your colleagues will suffer. Feel free to have fun after hours, but stay focused when you're on the job. Anger management issues will rear their ugly head. Instead of taking out your frustrations on those closest to you, talk to a counsellor. It's critical to your longer-term health.

Monthly Horoscope: At the beginning of September, you'll fall under the spell of an attractive newcomer. If you want to win their heart, be sure to stand out from the crowd. Your unique sensibilities and unusual ways will make an instant impression. On the 6th, the Full Moon will cause you to slow down and smell the flowers. This is a great time to visit a retreat and enjoy solitary activities. During the middle of the month, your work responsibilities will change dramatically. It's possible you'll be trained to take over for an important new role. The New Moon on the 20th will bring your attention to a nagging ache or pain. Go for a medical consultation as soon as possible. Treating this condition in the early stages will bring about a swift recovery. Be accommodating to a conventional friend at the end of the month. Forcing them to adapt to your methods will only make them unhappy.

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is the key to success. Being organised and using your
skills, energy and time wisely is essential as it could make

difference to your chances over the next few days


For your detailed Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly horoscope from Russell,
phone 0905 506 6700 – Calls cost 75p/min.

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